Premium’s Tyra Banks

CH. Lalynns Sir Lancelot

CH. Regnier’s Wyatt At Lalynn

Am. CH. Tanya’s Napoleon Rendezvous

Am/Can CH. Ouachitah Kodiak

Am. CH. Can CH. H and J's Mystic Wizard

Am. CH. Dartan's Super Star

Tanya’s Booboo

Am. CH. Tanya's Dark I Diamond of Marjax

Tanya's Creme De Coco Loco

Regnier’s Last Ticket Home

Am. CH. Jo-El’s Hot Off The Press

Am. CH. Jo-El's Meet The Press

Dartan's Sweet Charity

Regnier’s Margarita of BK’s

Starjack N' Tranten Kid Curry

Bk's Sweet Panda Starjack

Starjack’s Grace Abound

Starjack’s Tequilas Image

Starjack’s Tequila

Am. CH. Starjack’s Moxie

Starjack’s Twinkle

Starjack’s Stella

Am. CH. Starjack’s Flasher

Am. CH. Starjack’s Clover

Starjack’s Call Me Lucky

Am. CH. Starjack’s Sterling

Am. CH. Jobarb’s Radar of Starjack

Starjack’s What A Smudge

Starjack’s Lucky Lucy

Starjack’s Snickers

Starjack’s Sunshine of Ater

Samajoto's Julie Brown

Am. CH. Mina's Tennesee Hunter

Mina's Do It With Gusto

Am. CH. Mar-rich N Mina's Rumor Has It

Am. CH. Mina's City Slicker

Mar-rich Dots Of Mina-L

Karma Pocahontas

Am. CH. Mar-rich Minute Man L

Karma Diamond And Pearl

Am. CH. Mina's Bridal Bouquet

Am. CH. Mar-rich N Mina's Rumor Hast It

Am. CH. Mina's City Slicker

Mar-rich Dots Of Mina L

Mina's Queen Ann Lace

Am. CH. Ouachitah Rialto

Mina's Tippy Ann

Gallgrove Furgee Of Stonehill

Am. CH. Dartan's Magic Onyx

Am. CH. McCormick's Pepe Le Blue

Am. CH. Dartan's Go For The Gold

Am. CH. Bliss Hoosier Of Music

Am. CH. Dartan's The Wonder Of Magic

Am. CH. Dartan Elfin's Magic Image

Am. CH. Dartan's I'm Jackee

Am. CH. Stonehill Scratch Pad L

Am. CH. Royal Look Stonehill White-L

Royal Look Bandit

Am. CH. Demello's Do The Cha Cha

Stonehill Encore-L

Am. CH. Jo-El's Bravo Bravo

Royal Look Marbles In Black & Tan