Pictured below are some pictures of our show hopefuls for 2011 at four weeks, eight weeks of age, and then a more current show picture. Introducing Premium’s Malibu Stacey “CeCe” and Premium’s Truly Outrageous “Gem”. Both are exceptional longcoat girls from Regnier’s Charlie Brown X CH. Premium’s Blonde Bombshell “Barbie”. Mom (CH. Barbie), Grandma (CH. Hanna), and Grandpa (CH. Bandit) all received a Group 4th placement on their way to earning their championships, so we are very excited about these two puppies and look forward to watching them grow.

385.JPG 396.JPG 391.JPG

422.JPG 426.JPG 427.JPG

Premium’s Malibu Stacey “Cece” Winner’s Bitch BOS NACA 2011

Pictured above is Cece and below is Gem

458.JPG 496.JPG 457.JPG

506.JPGPremium’s Truly Outrageous Gem513.JPG

Below are some pics of Gem and Cece at 4 weeks

img_0475-copy.JPG img_0467-copy.JPG img_0477-2.jpg


Below are some impromptu pictures of Premium’s Blonde Bombshell “Barbie” taken on Dec. 24, 2008. Barbie is now the mom to the two beautiful pups pictured above, and the lovely daughter of our Hanna. She was just 8 weeks old in the pictures below and was shaping up to be our show hopeful for 2009.

Update: Barbie earned her Canadian Championship Title on August 2, 2009 becoming CH. Premium’s Blonde Bombshell receiving a Group 4th along the way and numerous  BOB/WB/BOS.

Premium’s Blonde Bombshell Premium’s Blonde Bombshell “Barbie” 1

Premium’s Blonde Bombshell 1 Premium’s Blonde Bombshell 2

Some more pictures of Barbie working on her stack!

Barbie Stacked Barbie Head Shot Barbie Working On Stacking

Barbie Group 4th

Barbie Group 4th Closeup




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