Premium’s Brutus Beefcake “Buddy”

Premium’s Roxy Rolla

Premium’s Roxy Rolla


Premium’s Hulk Hogan

Scooby Scooby 3 Scooby 5

Scooby 4 Scooby 6

Premium’s Mystery Incorporated

Premium’s Puff Daddy “Diddy”

Premium’s P Diddy


Premium’s Tico

Premium’s Macho Man Savage “Macho”

Premium’s Gizmo

Andy’s Peanut ButterAndy’s Peanut Butter 2

Peanut Butter (Female)

Andy’s Spot The DotAndy’s Spot The Dot 2

Spot The Dot (Female)

Buttercup Chaplin 2

Premium’s Buttercup

Andy’s Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip (Male)

Andy’s Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie (Female)

Male Puppy 1

Hugo Boss

Female Puppy 1

Princess Jasmine

Female Puppy 2

Bodacious Playgirl

Andy's Midnight Morrison and Andy's Prince Bruiser

Midnight Morrison and Prince Bruiser

Andy's Vanilla Ice 2Andy's Vanilla Ice 1

Vanilla Ice

 Andy's Ice Ice Baby 2Andy's Ice Ice Baby 1

 Ice Ice Baby

Silver and SableAndy's Sable 1 Facial

Rolling Stone

Andy's Black Tri 2 FacialJasmine

Jonsin For A Jasmine

Fawn W/ Black Mask 2Andy's Fawn w/ Black Mask 2 StackedAndy's Fawn w/ Black Mask 2 Facial

Queen Of Hearts

Andy's Black Tri 1 FacialAndy’s Back in Black 3

Back In Black

Andy's Fawn w/ Black Mask 1 FacialAndy’s Uptown Girl 2

Uptown Girl

Andy's Sable 2 FacialAndy’s Who’s That Girl 2

Who’s That Girl

Ch. Andy's Tiny Pom Pom Pom Pom

Tiny Pom Pom was our first homegrown champion from our very first litter.

First Litter 2 First Litter

Our very first Chihuahua litter which produced 2 Champion offspring.

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