Barbie in the yard Premium’s Blonde Bombshell Group 4th Barbie Group 4th Closeup

CH. Premium’s Blonde Bombshell

CH. Barbie is the product of our CH. Hanna x CH. Bandit and we think she is an absolutely exceptional representation of the breed. She is pictured above taking a BOB / Group 4th at one of her first shows and since then has taken numerous BOB/WB/BOS . They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think Barbie’s picture speaks for itself. Barbie earned her Canadian Championship Title on August 2, 2009. She may be in the ring from time to time as a specials, but will spend most of her days being a lapdog at home. Please visit our Future Hopefuls page for some pics of Barbie’s first litter - Premium’s Malibu Stacey and Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem -  and you will see that Barbie has already added much to our breeding program.

Hope as a puppy Premium’s High Hopes (Best Of Breed) Hope (From Above)

Premium’s High Hopes (Stacked)

Can. CH. Premium’s High Hopes

Pedigree CH. Premium’s High Hopes (Click To Open)

CH. Hope is the daughter of Samajoto’s Julie Brown and is an absolutely exquisite girl. She has a beautiful body, structure, movement, and tops that off with an extremely pleasant expression and eye, and overall pretty face and headpiece. She has an exceptional pedigree which consists mainly of Mina’s and Hurd’s lines, and also has Dartan and Ouachitah in the 3rd and 4th generations. She is the grand daughter of CH. Mina’s Tennessee Hunter and CH. Hurd’s Prom Knight. She finished her Canadian Championship quickly and we couldn’t have done it without the handling expertise of Joanne Noffsinger for an away show or two. Hope’s full sister ”Joy” is pictured below.

Joy Joy (Headshot) Premium’s Full Of Joy (Moving Outdoors On Deck)

Premium’s Full Of Joy (Practicing The Stack)

Premium’s Full Of Joy

Pedigree Premium’s Full Of Joy (Click To Open)

“Joy” is the full sister to CH. Premium’s High Hopes who is pictured above. Her Dam is Samajoto’s Julie Brown and she has an exceptional pedigree which consists mainly of Mina’s and Hurd’s lines, and also has Dartan and Ouachitah in the 3rd and 4th generations. She is the grand daughter of CH. Mina’s Tennessee Hunter and CH. Hurd’s Prom Knight. Joy has incredible structure, exceptional movement as you can see from the picture above, a pleasing head and expression, impressive pedigree, and a personality to boot. Joy is CH. pointed but did not take to the show ring like her sister.

422.JPGPremium’s Malibu Stacey “Cece” Winner’s Bitch BOS NACA 2011426.JPG


Premium’s Malibu Stacey

Pictured above is our beautiful Premium’s Malibu Stacey “Cece” taking WB and earning her first points toward her championship at her first dog show at 6 months and 2 days of age. We also posted a few puppy pictures of her. She is the daughter of our beautiful Barbie pictured at the top of this page who is the daughter of our Hanna who is pictured below, and her sire is Regnier’s Charlie Brown at Premium pictured on the males page. Very nice structure, good angles, and an extremely typey headpiece in 4 generations of this line.

Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem 1

Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem 2Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem 3

Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem

The picture above is of Premium’s Truly Outrageous Gem at her first show (Lakeland Kennel Club Show #5 and #6) at just over 7 months of age. She took two BOS, two BOW, and two Best Puppy In Breed. She is the full sister to our Premium’s Malibu Stacey pictured just above. She is the product of the fourth generation of her bloodline which includes Samajotos Lilbit King Marko who is her Great Grand Sire and is CH. pointed (pictured on males page), CH. Lilbit’s Just Picture This “Hanna” her Grand Dam (pictured on females page), and CH. Premium’s Blonde Bombshell “Barbie” who is her Dam (pictured on females page). The sire to Gem and Cece is Regnier’s Charlie Brown at Premium (pictured on males page). Congratulations Gem and best of luck attaining your Championship Title.

Am. CH. Rafina Cross My Heart Chanel Am. CH. Rafina Cross My Heart 2

Chanel as a Puppy

Pedigree Am. / Can. CH. Rafina Cross My Heart (click to open)

We would like to thank Barb Pendergass of Rafina Chihuahuas who produced such an exceptional, true to type bitch that remains conformationally sound at 7 years of age. Chanel has been a joy to own and to show, and now has both her American and Canadian titles. Thank you to the many judges who recognized Chanel’s excellence and rewarded her with a CKC Champion title at the ripe young age of 7. Chanel goes back to CH. Ouachitah Kodiak and CH. Ouachitah Beau Chiene and you can click above for a full view of Chanel’s pedigree. Thanks again Barb for all the extra time and effort you put in to get Chanel to us in Edmonton. Look for a cute picture of Chanel with Santa in the slideshow on our Home page.

Hanna (Pictured From Above) Lilbit’s Just Picture This (copyright Cathy French Photography) Hanna (Headshot)

CH. Hanna

Can. CH. Lilbit’s Just Picture This “Hanna”

This is our showgirl extraordinaire “Hanna”. Beautiful head, short nose, wonderful reach and drive, perfect scissor bite, and show personality plus. Hanna finishes her CKC Championship in only 5 days of showing. On her way to finishing she took multiple BOB’s, a Best Puppy In Group, and a Group 4th! Hanna was in the top 5 smoothcoat chihuahuas in Canada for most of 2008 and finished 7th place in Best Dog In Canada rankings (not bad for only going out 3 weekends).

*Hanna is the dam to our beautiful Premium’s Blonde Bombshell “Barbie” who is also a Group 4th winner. Please check out the pics of Barbie near the top of this page.

Patty (Stacked) Patty 1 Peppermint Patty (Outdoors)Regnier’s Peppermint Patty Pedigree

Regnier’s Peppermint Patty At Premium

“Patty” is a gorgeous little girl who comes to us from Pat Regnier. As you can tell from the pics above she has a gorgeous face, and wonderful expression. She also has loads of attitude, gobs and gobs of coat, and is a pleasure to have around. Patty is Grand Sired by CH. Onlyone Ouachitah Storm Cloud and CH. Regnier’s Tiger Woods. Her lineage goes back to CH. Ouachitah Beau Chiene, CH. Regnier’s Whistle For Willy, CH. Regnier Kiss O’Fate Burgundy, and CH. Ouachitah Taranzzia.

Premium’s Tyra BanksPremium’s Next Top ModelPremium’s Tyra Banks

Premium’s Next Top Model

Pedigree Premium’s Tyra Banks (Click To Open)

Pictured above is our lovely CH. sired Premium’s Next Top Model (Tyra). Tyra is CH. pointed but unfortunately she is not a fan of the showring. Her dam is Samajoto’s Julie Brown and her sire is CH. Lalynn’s Sir Lancelot. Her grandsire’s are CH. Mina’s Tennessee Hunter and CH. Regnier’s Wyatt at Lalynn. Her pedigree includes numerous Chihuahua greats such as AM/CAN CH. Ouachitah Kodiak, CH. Tanya’s Napoleon Rendezvous, and CH. Jo-El’s Hot Off The Press to name a few. Tyra has exceptional structure and movement, with an excellent topline and we look forward to seeing what she will add to our breeding program.

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